Clase of the Titans

Topics: Greek mythology, Perseus, Medusa Pages: 2 (741 words) Published: August 27, 2013
In the beginning, Zeus impregnated Danae, a beautiful young mortal, and they had a son they named Perseus. Although his father was a god, Perseus was not. Danae’s father was the great king of Argos and his name was Acriccius. He was so angry at his daughter that she was pregnant out of wedlock that he sentenced her and her son, Perseus, to be sealed into a casket and thrown into the sea. When Zeus found out about this, he was furious. He was so angry he commanded Poseidon to let loose the sea monster, the Kraken, to destroy the city of Argos. He also told Poseidon to make sure that Danae and her son were safely guided to the island Seraphos. Over the years on Seraphos, Perseus grew up to be a smart, handsome young man. Thetis had a son named Calibos who was very handsome and destined to marry the princess of Jappa, Andromeda. Zeus had a herd of winged horses and Calibos decided to kill all of them but one, Pegasus. Zeus was very angry at Calibos for what he did and punished him by turning him into an ugly beast with horns, cracked nose, and a tail. When the princess, Andromeda, found out, she no longer wanted to marry him. When Thetis, Calibos’s mother, found out that he was no longer going to marry the princess of Jappa, Thetis promised that no one would marry the princess. Thetis put a curse on the city of Jappa and made it so that if any man wanted to marry the beautiful Andromeda, he would have to solve a riddle. If he failed to get it right, he would immediately be burned at the stake. If he was correct, he would be able to marry Andromeda. Thetis decided to get back at Zeus for what he had done to her son. She took Perseus one night when he was sleeping and transported him to the outskirts of Jappa, the cursed city. There Perseus meets a man named Ammon, who is a song/playwright. When Zeus finds out about what Thetis did to Perseus, he was very angry and concerned. For that reason, he gave Perseus three gifts to help him survive in the...
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