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In the book Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury describes different aspect throughout the book. Clarisse from the beginning appeared so sad and strange, as if she came out of jail. At the moment when Montag and she were becoming friends they felt almost in need of attention and it felt exact of one another. Like if they were met to be with each other, I was very weird as if two strangers would get connect with each other. Although Clarisse seemed to be strange and unusually talkative, I was a person just like her that not socialized with people at school. So I could’ve felt that same connection with her. I had her pain once and the only person that helped me was God. I don’t feel sorry for her because I knew she could do it with the help of Montag. She has all of these fascinating, strange ideas, which she desire to share with Guy. But when she didn’t knew him she didn’t had no one’s attention so she could give her the time of day. Like how I felt ones in my throughout my lifetime, so this is why she is immediately tense to Montag, because he listens to her in every aspect and in every minute.

Clarisse McClellan expresses herself by saying that she’s seventeen years old and she’s crazy. She likes to smell things and look at things and sometimes stay up all night, walking, and watch the sun rise. In my point of view Clarissa is an interested person, she does odd things, which it makes Montag think a lot from her. Because Clarisse is an odd person she likes the nature, she’s not into the violence like she thinks of the kids and people outside of her world, she’s also not into watching television because she thinks it so weird and not normal for her, and she’s also not into socializing with people because she’s a person that’s just sits around hearing people point of view conversation and not causes any problem. Most of her spear time Clarisse spend her time sitting down and thinking about the world it’s like how strange the world is for her.

Guy Montag describes...
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