Clarence Darrow

Topics: Prison, Death Penalty, English-language films Pages: 1 (361 words) Published: December 18, 2005
In being one of the most famous attorneys of the twentieth century, Clarence Darrow clearly expresses his feelings about prison in his Address to the Prisoners in the Cook County Jail. In the speech, he says that he does not believethat people are in jail because the deserve to be. Clearly stating his reason for having such a negative aspect towards jail, he feels people are put in jail because of the circumstances beyond their control.

The world today is starving. The hunger for money has now become the target for any disaster. Money has become more important than the last drop of water in the desert. In the words of Darrow, "... people don't kidnap other peoples children because they want children or because they are devilish, but because they see a chance to get some money out of it." In my opinion, He has made a good point, if we had money there would be no reason to steal other peoples possesions for money.

No one comes from the same social class" If every man and woman and child in the world had a chance to make a decent, fair, honest living, there would be no jails and no lawyers and no courts." If many were given the chance to live a respectable life, not too rich and not too poor, envy and necessity wouldn't be a problem. However, the issue between wealth and poverty is a factor of a problem we will always face, equality.

Killing murderers for committing
a crime, only produces more murderers. The death penalty solves nothing, there are still murderers out there and dying isn't their fear, living is. Being sent to jail is almost like a privilege compared to their way of life. If they committed a crimeby destroying someone else's life, the reason behind that must have been that something was wrong with their life.

According to Clarence Darrow, there shouldn't be any such thing as jails, and that equality in oue way of living is the only way to cure crime. I completely agree with this statement, but unfortunately, equality amongst others is...
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