Clara's Day

Topics: Teacher, Shyness, Attention Pages: 3 (998 words) Published: April 4, 2011
Clara´s day

A summary of the Clara behaves through the day

The story is about a girl named Clara, who one day decides to take of all her clothes in school assembly hall. It was already planet from the morning, since she didn’t have any underwear on when she went to school. After she had taken of her clothes, she went up in a physics classroom, where she took a science overall on and sat down at her desk. A teacher came in and asked her to take her clothes on again, but Clara didn’t want that. The teacher says that Clara should go on with some homework then. Most of the day people came up to Clara and said “well done” or patted her on the shoulder, to say that they were in a way proud of her. Later that day the headmistress wants to talk with Clara, because of what happened. She asks if everything is all right at home, and Clara says that everything is fine. The headmistress sends a letter to Clara’s mom to tell her what happened. When she gets home her mother just arks “any news?”, Clara said no and they don’t talk more that day.

A summary of the way her mother and Stan say about Clara and nakedness

A couple of days later the letter from the headmistress came. At home her mother and her mother’s boyfriend, Stan, just laugh about it. Stan grins. Clara goes rigid. When some remarks and jokes about how modest and shy Clara was as a child are being made Clara goes mute. It all end out with Clara sitting alone in the kitchen crying.

Character sketches of Clara, the Head, Clara mother and Stan

Clara is a fifteen year old girl, who lives with her mother and her boyfriend. Her parents are separated. She is a very shy person she doesn’t have any real friends. Due to her lack of friends she is very lonely and craves for attention. She doesn’t like to show her body to anyone. She is afraid of growing up, and afraid of her own sexuality. Her mother don’t give Clara a lot of attention, she is interested in Stan. Maybe that is the reason that...
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