Claire McCardell: A Fashion Designer

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Fashion designers design through their own personal character and style. Everyone has a combination of multiple characteristics that make up their personality, style, views and thoughts, etc. A person’s own personal character cannot be duplicated. Anyone has the ability to show their talents through their own persona to many different types of industries. Having the ambition of becoming a high fashion designer is not impossible. Successful designers create designs through their own personal perception. People all over the world phony their personal temperament due to the media, advertisements, latest trends, etc. One cannot succeed as a designer if their character is an imposter, for which their designs will be criticized as “all ready been seen.” Claire McCardell had her own personal qualities that have inspired multiple trends here today. [As an adult, Claire states “it wasn’t me in the clothes, or just wearing them, that interested me—it was the clothes in relation to me—how changed I felt once in them” (Steele, p 9).] Claire McCardell was a small town girl born on May 24, 1905, in Frederick, Maryland. She grew up to be America’s most American designer (Steele p.13). Her interest in clothes and designs were passed on from her mother. In the late 1920’s, Claire’s impassive striking appearance, eccentric stance, and irregular hairstyles lead her as a model for B. Altman’s and numerous Seventh Avenue showrooms. Having been influenced by both parents, she developed her personal character and design aesthetic. She grew up to be an independent woman with an American attitude towards fashion. As an American designer, Claire was described as having introduced “the American look” that differentiates Dior’s New Look of 1947 (Yohannan and Nolf p.1). She is recognized by having created an American style of casual dress in the twentieth century. She refused to look at Paris couture designs and collections as she feared it might influence her...

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