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1. Describe typical behaviors exhibited by children linked to their stage of development and key events in their lives Every child is unique and they all develop at their own pace.

0 to 6 months
The only way that new babies can communicate is by crying. The reasons can be their nappy, too hot or too cold, they are hungry, and have a pain, feel uncomfortable or just need a cuddle.

6 to 18 months “the doing stage”
The child begin to explore the world around them by touching, tasting, looking, listening. They will want you around to feel safe. May want to try to feed them and become fussy about what they eat.

18 months to 3 years “the thinking stage”
Around this age the child will be testing their boundaries and beginning to understand the cause and effect of doing so. Be able to follow simple commands and think for them. They may want to have some say in what they dress in and eat. The children will be developing the concepts of past and future. They are expanding their knowledge of language and movements.

3 to 6 years old “the stage of self awareness and imagination” The children around this age enjoy using their imagination. The child will start to assert their own identity, begin to learn what is and is not socially acceptable behavior and will be able to separate reality and fantasy.

6 to 12 years “the stage for limits and structure”
The child needs to learn about limits and we need them. At this age child will be learning to listen to get the information they need and learning to identify the difference between needs and wants. They also are learning about different boundaries and expectations in the family, in school and clubs. They will begin to identify strongly with their own gender and learn about personal responsibility and self control.

Any changes (positive or negative) require readjustment and produce some stress. Many life events like births, deaths of family member, new baby, parent’s divorce,...
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