Claim Spratlys, spare our Kalayaan Group of Islands

Topics: Philippines, South China Sea, Spratly Islands Pages: 3 (754 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Claim Spratlys, spare our Kalayaan Group of Islands
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Over the past weeks, the tension in the Spratly Islands has been in the limelight. It has long been a source of an international conflict that many people are waiting to happen. Admit it, people love peace but they wanted something to talk about, something indifferent, something freaky. Enough of that.

Spratly Islands are actually a group of remote islets, cays, atolls, shoals, and reefs. There are a total of 750, most of which are uninhabited, formations which lie in the West Philippine Sea – the South China Sea as known internationally. The said chain of islands is claimed by China, Taiwan, and Vietnam. China is playing the bully brother among these countries. Their claims are mostly historical, but no concrete accounts are given as to whether they own the islands or not.

Recent claims of these free lands were reported from Malaysia and Brunei, accounting that some of these small pieces of lands are within their sea territories, which are appropriately true.

As for the Philippines, the Spratly Islands are known as the geological group where the Kalayaan Group of Islands belongs. Kalayaan is a Filipino term for Freedom – reflecting the political nature of these wonders of nature.

Kalayaan Group of Islands is converted into a...
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