Claim of Value

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The Claim of Value essay

The existence of aliens has been one of the most controversial topics of all time. Some call it a man’s wild imagination to quench his thirst of excitement and craftiness. Others claim to have been in contact with them or even have been abducted by them. There is no proof as to claim their existence or to claim that they do not exist.

A lot of people hold this image of the extra-terrestrials as creatures with four limbs, big black eyes and grey/green skin. An alien may be defined as an extra-terrestrial creature from another world. As far as my opinion goes in this matter, they may be as tiny as a fly or may be as huge as pre historical creatures such as dinosaurs. Another aspect on should look at it is the continuous metamorphosis of the world and creatures that reside on it. There may be chances that aliens did exist in the past on other planets or other galaxies but their current presence might have been demolished due to some reason.

There has been a lot research done and is still being continues regarding the possibility of existence of aliens on other planets and moons. Suggested locations at which life might have developed include the planets Venus and Mars, Jupiter's moon Europa, and Saturn's moons Titan and Enceladus. Many of these celestial bodies have been found with either traces of water or atmosphere, which may have supported an eco-system or still might be able to. Also to support my case, there have been a lot of meteors found with fossil shaped ridges, explaining the existence of bacteria in Mars. Throughout a long span of time a lot of people have also claimed that the grey aliens have abducted them and everyone with claim had a pretty consistent story. There are also various theories about the flying saucers (UFOs) being spotted all around the globe, with various pictures and videos floating and surfacing throughout the media. A lot of it might be considered a hoax but a lot has been left remain unexplained, in...
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