Cjs Development of Corrections

Topics: Prison, Criminal justice, Youth detention center Pages: 2 (348 words) Published: October 24, 2012
Development of Corrections
Justin Miltenberger
Frederick Waltz

1. What reforms did Elizabeth Fry lobby for the early 1800s? How have women’s prisons changed? Fry had formed the ladies society that would reformate the female prisoners. To this day female prisons are a lot like the male prisons now they have increased security, more training, and special housing to deal with the ones who are violent.

2. What are the three basic arguments established in the 1800s that supported the separation of juvenile prisoners from adult prisoners? In your opinion what would happen if there were no distinction between prisons for juveniles and adults?

The three basic arguments about juveniles being separated from the adults is the penitentiary were too hard on the youth. Then the second thing is that they feared the juveniles would learn bad things from the older criminals and also be embittered by the experience of confinement. Then the third and last thing is they could be reformed if they were diverted enough into institution for people more their age. If there were not distinctions between adults and the juveniles I think that there would be a lot more children that would be getting locked back up again. I feel in a way that something bad could happen to them being as young as they are in a prison with some that may be more experienced than they are and then harming them. It is really hard to say what would happen because we have not let it get that out of control. 3. What was the purpose of prison labor? What were the three federal laws, enacted between 1929 & 1940 that eventually caused the decline of prison labor?

The purpose of prison labor was to try and better some of the prisoners. With the hope that working them so much they would stop getting into so much trouble and keep them busy. The three federal laws that were enacted between 1929 and 1940 are Hawes- cooper act (1929); Ashurst- sumners act...
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