Cja Week 2

Topics: Prison, Penology, Life imprisonment Pages: 1 (258 words) Published: March 12, 2013
What methods of secure custody do you use in your prison?
In our prison secure custody is assigned to anyone placed in jail that is risk in the general population. This stops them from getting harmed by other inmates, inmates in addition can appeal this for their own safety if they feel threatened. Sex offenders and high profile inmates that appear into jail are automatically placed in secure custody. Secure custody is a way of life in prison. The point is that custody, in a prison, goes on 24 hours a day. It never stops, and there's no abatement from assignment. There are protocols designed for action according to a case by case analysis. Prisoners placed in such care must be maintained with a minimum amount of break in our perimeter. At the aforementioned time governing accepted admission to the apartment assemblage from the beyond assigned officers or the outside is prohibited. Additional intensity lighting, ambit apprehension systems, and adaptable patrols are acclimated as bounded needs and bedfellow custody levels dictate. Our secure custody never exceeds the maximum of 150 inmates per unit. Visiting is incorporated into the design of the layout for secure custody personnel on a case by case or designed within the general population area. Search areas are abstracted bedfellow access avenues are congenital into the assemblage architecture to ensure the assurance of added inmates and visitors. Our secure custody unit deals with many high profile inmates our officers are responsible for adhering to an code of conduct and ethics at all times.
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