Cja 394 Court Managment Executive Summary

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Court Management Executive Summary
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Contemporary Issues and Futures in Criminal Justice/CJA 394
May 28, 2013
Amanda Behl

The American court system is quite daunting and complicated. Consequently, the assistance previous available is no longer accessible resulting from budgetary issues. Therefore, strategic planning goals and management skills are essential to providing an efficient and smooth operating judicial system. Moreover, public education, access to the legal system, access to public court documents, effective management, and retention of court records are essential to successful court management. Furthermore, court managements resorted to consolidation and restructuring options to improve the operation of the courts. Below are some of the strategic plans, improvements, process, and responsibilities necessary in managing an effective and successful court.

Purposes, responsibilities, and essential management improvements for a successful court

• The purposes and responsibilities of courts are to resolve disputes between governments, entities, corporations, businesses, partnerships, and individuals. • Courts are also responsible for resolving regulatory, jurisdiction, environmental, and constitutional issues through the unbiased and objective application and interpretation of the law. • Ideally, it is the responsibility of the courts to weed out the facts as it applies to the law to acquit the innocent and convict the guilty. • The importance of court strategic planning is significant in the successful management of an efficient functioning court. • Effective identification and implementation of strategic plans will help to improve equal access to every citizen for effective participation in the judicial system. Accessibility improvements will require the provision of interpreters to linguistically challenged, economically challenged, and physical disabled citizens. • Implementation of...

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Executive Summary
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