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Topics: Police, SWAT, Remainder Pages: 2 (444 words) Published: October 28, 2013
Learning Objective:
Job Competencies
On the fourteenth I was assigned to the traffic unit on the night shift. The officer assigned to this position is given a traffic unit police vehicle, which is equipped with more items then other patrol cars. Some of the things being spike strips, laser radars and other various items. When on traffic duty the primary focus is on speeders. We were stationed near I-96 and took radar for the remainder of the night. We cited over twenty vehicles and had some other intense moments. For one of the stops we pulled over a felon that had a firearm in the vehicle. At this moment, my heart was beating much quicker and the situation became much more serious. We radio into dispatch for a priority unit to back us up. We then arrested the individual and drove to the jail. Most of the night consisted on specifically traffic duty with a slight amount of citizen calls. On the nineteenth I went to Swat Training and observed the officers in this elite group. The interns and myself arrived in the morning hours and viewed the training. At one point we got to go to the range ourselves and shoot the firearms. This defiantly was one of the coolest things I have ever got to experience because we also got to shot the MP5. Overall this day was a blast and I took many things away from it.

Broadening Horizons
Within these two days I was able to learn policies regarding pulling traffic stops on vehicles. Also, I learned the basic procedures to approach a vehicle during a traffic stop. While at a stop I observed how officers communicate with citizens and how they calm situations down with special tactics. Once again I am beginning to see that officers do things for a certain reasons and they do things as they are trained.

Interpersonal Skills
I continue to meet as many officers as possible. When I am in the report writing room I always introduce myself to the officers in the surrounding area....
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