CJ 1010

Topics: Prison, Penology, Criminal law Pages: 3 (424 words) Published: February 3, 2014
Exam 4 Study Guide
1. The 5 philosophies of purpose of punishment (purposes, examples, pros and cons): a. Deterrence (specific and general)
b. Incapacitation
c. Retribution
d. Rehabilitation
e. Restorative Justice
2. Corporal Punishment
3. History of punishment- banishment, sterilization, transportation 4. Civil commitment
5. Legally sane / insanity / guilty but mentally ill
6. What factors could prevent a fair sentence in court?
7. Presentence investigation report
8. Indeterminate sentencing – what and why?
9. Determinate sentencing- what and why?
10. Mandatory sentencing /Habitual offender laws / three strikes laws 11. Sentencing guidelines
12. Cost to keep an inmate in prison for life
13. Capital punishment:
a. Arguments for and against
b. Issues relating to Civil Rights
c. Challenges
d. Methods

Community Corrections
14. Early release options
15. What percentage of parole is successfully completed?
16. Do parole boards have to specify why they deny parole?
17. What percentage/number of offenders get prison vs community based sanctions? 18. Difference b/w parole and probation
19. Powers of probation officers
20. Advantages/ disadvantages of being a parole/ probation officer 21. What are examples of community based corrections?
22. Conditions of probation- know the types of conditions
23. Probation- who can get it? What does it cost? Who orders it? 24. What are the responsibilities of the probation/parole officer? 25. Advantages of probation over other sanctions
26. Morrissey v Brewer
27. What is a split sentence?
28. What is intensive probation?
29. Revocation of parole
30. What must happen to result in revocation of parole/probation? 31. What percentage of offenders in jail or prison return to the community? 32. What is reentry?
33. Why probation?
34. Other types of confinement- home, electronic monitoring

Jails and Prisons
35. Blacks and whites in prison
36. Rhodes v Chapman
37. Largest growth group...
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