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civilize them with a stick

By iuly Jan 24, 2014 553 Words
1) Study Guide Questions for Test #1

To Prepare for Test #1, I recommend that you write down your responses to the following questions.  You do not have to turn this assignment in for credit.  If you are unclear about the answers after reading the chapters, contact me.  If you'd like me to look over your answers before your test, email them to me.  This assignment is designed to help you prepare for the test.  You will only be tested on material that relates to the study guide questions: Chapter 1 Study Guide Questions:

1.     Define and describe sociology.
2.     Describe the sociological imagination and apply the sociological imagination to one aspect of your own life. 3.     Define and distinguish the macro and micro levels of social life. 4.     Describe and distinguish the functionalist, conflict, and symbolic interactionist theoretical perspectives.  Explain how each perspective would attempt to understand a college degree. Obedience Video Study Guide Questions:

1.     Describe Milgram’s experiment, his research findings, and your own reaction to the video. 2.     Discuss ways in which the findings of the Milgram experiment relate to things that occur in the real world. 3.     In what way did proximity to the subject affect obedience? In what way did proximity to the authority figure influence obedience?  How did groups influence obedience? (hint: variations are shown at the end of the video) 4.     What are the independent variable(s) and dependent variable(s) in the study (Chapter 2 of the textbook defines these terms). 5.     What was the operational definition of obedience (Chapter 2 defines this term) Chapter 2 Study Guide Questions:

1.     Define objectivity and explain why it is important 2.     Describe the 6 steps of the scientific method and be prepared to assess whether or not the scientific method has been followed in an exam question that provides your with a research study to assess. 3.     Define operational definition.  Be prepared to identify and assess the validity of an operational definition in an exam question that provides you with information about a research study. 4.     Define and distinguish independent, dependent, and control variables.   Be prepared to identify and distinguish independent and dependent variables in an exam question that provides you with information about a research study. 5.     Explain the difference between correlation and a causal relationship between variables. 6.     Define and distinguish validity and reliability. 7.     Define sample and explain the importance of a random sample. Be prepared to identify sampling issues and discuss the importance of a random sample in an exam question that provides you with information about a research study. 8.     Briefly describe and be prepared to identify the following research methods: survey, experiment, field research and secondary data analysis. 9.     Distinguish mean, median and mode.  Explain why the median income in the U.S. is a better measure of the "middle value" than the mean (hint: consider the impact of incomes such as that of  OprahWinfrey, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates on an average). Chapter 3 Study Guide Questions:

1.     Define culture.
2.     Define and distinguish material and non-material culture. 3.     Define and distinguish norms and values.
4.     Describe the types of norms (mores and folkways). Provide one example of the different types of norms that relate to your own life. 5.     Define sanctions.  Provide one example of sanctions that have influenced your own behavior 6.     Define and distinguish ethnocentrism and cultural relativism.  Explain how the article, "Civilize Them With a Stick"  Relates to ethnocentrism. 7.     Define and distinguish subculture and counterculture. 8.     Define culture shock.

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