Topics: Citizenship, Virtue, Gratification Pages: 3 (904 words) Published: November 9, 2010
Choosing Civility
"What's in it for me?"

Choosing Civility

Instant gratification... our society today knows little else. Every new generation breeds new problems with less patience, all in the name of progress. We have fast food, fast medical care, instant access to information, instant communication with anyone in the world, and so much more. Of course progress has its benefits and rewards, but at what cost? Are we capable of achieving this progress without sacrificing the values and beliefs our ancestors built their lives upon? The answer is yes. Three notions I feel would create a more civil community are respect for others, self control and compassion. Imagine the Utopia that would be our world, if all would practice these three things. In my own life I already strive to live by these principles and teach my children to live by them as well. A little over a year ago, our home was burglarized by two teenagers. My children and I had opportunity to witness and be part of civility in action. Our home backed up to Eagle Rd and a gentleman in a car passing by noticed the teens jumping our back fence with our belongings. This stranger immediately fulfilled his civic "duty" and called the police who arrived shortly thereafter. The boys ran and stashed the "loot" and hid in the neighborhood. Our possessions ( with the exception of whatever they shoved in their pockets) were recovered because of the driver who called the police. That person had a general respect for others and an awareness that caused him to do the right thing instead of driving right on by. The teens who broke into our house, had a lack of respect for others, and a lack of self control. Later the teens were caught when one of the mothers found my credit card in her sons room and called the police . Her decision to do this so deeply moved me, because as a mother I cannot imagine how hard that must have been for her. She fulfilled her civic "duty" as a good citizen...
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