Civilian in Space

Topics: Experience, Knowledge, Civilian Pages: 2 (445 words) Published: October 15, 2014
Civilians in Space---No!
I can only imagine what it would be like traveling to space. It is not something I sit around and think about doing. Those who had the pleasures of going to space, like the astronauts, are those who had been preparing for such a career. This does not make me want to go to space, going to space is like dying and going to the other side, you just do not know what to expect. Science tells us that space is like a never ending hole. This sounds a little creepy, but space really is not all that scary, it is quite amazing actually. Science tells us that space is a galaxy with many stars, planets, and rocks. However, I am against civilians in space because civilians are inexperienced and the cost can become extremely high. If it takes astronauts years to train in order to travel to space, what chances do a civilian has? The story, "Civilians in Space," states, "Traveling beyond Earth has been a privilege for a select few, namely, astronauts." Civilians must be more qualified than the average astronaut. They must understand the dynamics and velocity of space. In case of an emergency, would a civilian know what to do? The story "Civilians in Space" gives many fascinating examples like: it is an "Amazing Experience," and "The view of Earth and the stars must be spectacular, and the experience of living in zero gravity would be fascinating." Equally important to training is the cost of civilians traveling to space. The cost to traveling back and forth to space ranges in the billions, according to the story, "Civilians in Space." This money comes from "Corporate Sponsorship." When civilians lack the knowledge, danger is expected, the story states, "There are many unknown risks involved." Then there is the matter of insurance. Car insurance here, on earth, is extremely high; can you imagine the cost of insurance to go to space. In the story, "Civilians in Space" it states "Companies that specialize in manufacturing travel, marketing, insurance,...
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