Civil War Weapons

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The American Civil War of 1861, has been taught in schools of America to be a war between the Confederates and the Union about the institution of slavery. However, this war also created the basis of new forms of weaponry and technology. Small arms of the American Civil War, were revolutionized in order to ultimately create faster-firing weapons that would prove to immensely assist soldiers in the war. Also, the advancement in weapon technology impacted the tactics and the style of warfare utilized during the war. Finally, the advancement in weapons lead to new forms of technology being created, artillery and military, that had extremely strong fire power and would be used on both sides, Confederates and the Union. The outbreak of the American …show more content…
According to Matthew Kent, as fortifications and trench warfare began in the Civil war, hand grenades were developed to aid in exploding enemies in the trenches. Also a new type of artillery was introduced in the war by a North Carolinian know as Dr. Richard Jordan Gatling. He invented the World’s first successful rapid fire gun, the Gatling gun, in an effort to create a weapon so horrible that it would stop the Civil War in its tracks and prevent any future conflict from rising. Also the creation of naval ironclad ships, that were outfitted with massive Parrot Rifles and Dahlgren guns, were effective weapons against traditional ships during naval warfare. The ironclad lead to the creation of underwater craft that was outfitted with a spar, that held an explosive charge, and could be rammed into the wooden undersides of traditional ships and ironclads. All the new technological advancements that were created throughout the war, came to be from the influence of the revolution of weaponry that started in the beginning of the American Civil …show more content…
The fast-firing weapons that were used in the war, proved to be very helpful thanks to the advancements made in small firearms. Also, the tactics and style of warfare utilized during battles, were influenced by how weaponry was being developed. Finally, all the new technologically advanced weapons that were created during the war, came from the ideas of creating more powerful and stronger weapons to use during battle. The revolutionizing done to small guns, war tactics, and military technology were caused by the advancements in weaponry during the American Civil

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