Civil War Salient Era

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A Salient Era
A period that will be forever remembered by the American people. During the years of 1850-1914 Americans experienced both devastation and depression. For example, the Civil War where there was no true winner when it ended. Americans faced reconstruction physically due to the battles taken place in their cities and towns, and mentally because of the loss of loved ones. Some other events and people that affected this era was the Dredd Scott Decision, John Brown, with the most important being Abraham Lincoln because of his position as Commander in Chief (“Division” …460-473). An important person living during this era was Thomas J. Jackson because he was one of the most important generals of the Confederacy during the Civil War....

Railroads have already been around for twenty years, but by 1850 there are more than nine thousand miles of track (“Railroads” 1). The eastern side of the United States has already been adopting railroads as their main source of transportation. States such as New York, Philadelphia, and Michigan have interconnected their railroads they had specifically only in their states. Chicago then joined the new trend having a connection of railroads from the east. These railroads reached all the way to the Mississippi (1). Once the Civil War broke out the, the Union shut of the railroad connection to the South which caused an increase in the railroad production west of the Mississippi and to the West Coast (4). The first transcontinental railroad was built by the government by land grants and loans. Later the production of the transcontinental railroad was built by two competing companies. The two companies finally met and connected their tracks on 1869 (4). Railroads during this era were also a big factor for both sides of the civil war. The locomotives transported troops, equipment, and even served as a purpose of communication (“Railroads Critical Role in the Civil War” 1). Railroads were highly valued during this time from all perspectives and...

It gave more opportunities to businesses looking to expand their companies and sell their products to a larger market. The business owner was not the only one given opportunities, so was the buyer which was given a market with more viable products, and caused a greater demand for goods (2). Railroads didn't just stimulate commerce, but also facilitate settlement. Families were able to travel far distances to start new beginnings. New settlements along the route of railroads were given a larger market for goods (1). Another impact of railroads on the United States were the tying of cities and towns (1). Cities were able to work together more efficiently, and gave the country a sense of binding and unity. Trade and the transportation of goods and people were benefactors of the use of railroads between the interconnected cities. Railroads have impacted the lives of millions during the era of mid to late 1800's. It provided opportunities, distant travel, and even tied our nation together. Railroads are one of the most salient pieces of technology our Nation has ever...
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