civil war leading to disaster

Topics: American Civil War, Confederate States of America, William Tecumseh Sherman Pages: 2 (671 words) Published: January 25, 2014
During the Civil war, the North and South were deeply crashed in the horrifying situation. In the North the Union stands in place to let the South know that Southerners are weak, while in the South, they wanted to be proved as a Southern nationalism. In the South, Jefferson Davis who does not approve with Abraham Lincoln in the North, he had argued that the South has the right to be divided and independent. Which is why all the start of warlike strategy comes in place and is still passed on to the modern days. During the time period of 1861-1865 in both the North and leaders such as General William Sherman, Philip Sheridan, and Robert E. Lee has all contributed to the tactic. And there are many reasons why the Total War was a necessary and was very effective toward the Civil War. The North was always more powerful than the South, as in economically and politically. Why? Well because the North is more industrializing than the South. Where in the South for the past decades, have had always relied on agricultural production, which is also always relying on the African American’s cheap labor. And with the disagreement in the usage of slavery, the conflict arose to become a war. The North first started the Total War used by U.S. Army Philip Sheridan. Sheridan made a move to capture the South in the tactic plan. During the war, Sheridan rose to the command of the Union's cavalry and by the time the Confederacy surrendered, he saw action in Mississippi, Tennessee, and Kentucky and in Virginia, where his campaign through the Shenandoah Valley lays the important source of the Confederate supplies. At Petersburg he won an important victory that halted Robert E. Lee's retreat from Richmond and helped bring the war to an end. Another way it was used was by Union General William T. Sherman. This tactic was later called, Sherman’s March to the Sea”. All begins with his start of expedition across Georgia by torching the industrial section of...
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