Civil War Analogies

Topics: American Civil War, Abraham Lincoln, Reconstruction era of the United States Pages: 3 (589 words) Published: December 14, 2005

Compromise of 1850 was an agreement designed to ease tensions caused by the expansion of slavery, just like a brother and sister makes an agreement with each other to share time in the bathroom to eliminated fighting with one another.

The Underground Railroad is a network of escape routes that provided protection and transportation for slaves. A brother and sister might hide their CD's so the other one will not scratch or break them.

Popular Sovereignty is the policies of letting the people in a territory decide whether slavery would be allowed there, similar to my sister deciding if I am allowed in her room.

Abolitionist – one who is in favor of the repeal of some existing law or custom similar to a brother arguing to change his younger sister's curfew because he feels she is too young to stay out that late especially since he wasn't allowed to when he was her age.

"Bleeding Kansas" – a summer of murderous raids and counter raids throughout Kansas, similar to a brother and sister exchanging harsh words or physically fighting with each other during disagreements.

Civil War

Fort Sumter was a federal fort on an island in Charleston's harbor. My sister had a little clubhouse that only she and her friends were allowed in. She would try and push me away whenever I tried to come in.

Copperheads was a group in congress that raised there voices in protest against the war. This is similar to a brother and sister screaming at one another in an argument so they can be heard over the other.

Emancipation Proclamation was a decree by President Lincoln that freed slaves in confederate-held territory, similar to a parent promising their son or daughter they could go somewhere with their friends if they did their chores.

Union is the North during the Civil War. Similar to the last name of a brother and sister until one marries.

Abraham Lincoln was the President during the civil war. He wanted peace between the North and...
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