Civil War

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During the Civil War a lot of people have lost their lives in battle. The Civil War was a fatal event that took place in the United States History which people know as the “First Modern War”. The civil war was caused by a numerous of reasons for example, the election of Abraham Lincoln, the fight between slaves and people who were not slaves and the States against federal rights. This essay will explain why did cities started to explode in population in the late 19th century. After the Civil War took place the United Sates became a stronger and richer country than they ever had been. However, the United States government was faced with a difficult event in prospect regarding to reconstruct the confederate States into the Union. Therefore issues needed to be handled in forms of reconstruction. There were programs that were also included in the reconstruction business. Their goal was rebuilding the Southern economy into an urbanization citizenship in America. This goal in action led to the end of “legalized slavery, plus citizenship for the former slaves”. The growth in population grew rapidly economically and the United States was known as the world’s dominant when it came to economic, and the industrial as well as in the agricultural aspects. “The average annual income (after inflation) of non-farm workers grew by seventy five percent from 1865 to 1900, and then grew another thirty three percent by 1918”. The United States was a powerful country because the United States had strong leaders in the nation which was the government. The cities start to explode in population in the late 19th century due to the reconstruction as well. The reconstruction is an important role in the United States history regarding civil rights. According to some historians the reconstruction was a failure due to the South becoming a “poverty-stricken backwater, white supremacy was reestablished, and the freedmen...

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