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Topics: American Civil War, Slavery in the United States, Confederate States of America Pages: 1 (316 words) Published: February 26, 2014

At first the civil War was about saving the Union, but it became much more when the debate of slavery in the North and South came about. Sectionalism became a problem. Copperheads were Northern Democrats who opposed the Civil War; they wanted peace in the South. Jefferson Davis was the president of the Confederate States. Davis argued against secession, he was not as successful as President Lincoln. In the 1860’s, soldiers of the Union and the Confederate started deserting the army. The North and the South passed a law saying all white men ages 18-45 had to a Military draft called conscription. Even slaves went into the Southern military. Even though the slaves did have the Under Ground Rail Road, the Slaves that stayed behind use this as a way to escape.

A Northern Abolitionist woman wrote a book called Uncle Tom’s Cabin. This book explained the torture that the slaves had to go through using a fictional character. It spread all over the states, but was banned in the South. Southerners didn’t want it to get in the hands of the Slave owners wives so that the slave owner’s wives would not take pity on the slaves. Dread Scott was a slave that once lived in a slave state, but after his slave owner died the family up rooted to a free state. Dread Scott decided he wanted to sue for his freedom, but the supreme court unrolled it saying that slaves were property in a free state or not. With more slaves trying to escape the South came up with the Fugitive slave act , saying that if you were to find a slave to turn them in or you will be fined or jailed. Fort Sumter was the Bloodiest War. Lincoln tried to resupply the North but the south was blocking the supply so no supply could get to the north .
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