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Topics: Russia, Soviet Union, Leon Trotsky Pages: 3 (1002 words) Published: February 18, 2014
“Why did the Bolsheviks win the civil war?”
There were a few key reasons as to why the Bolsheviks won the civil war. The most important reason that helped them to succeed was Trotsky. Furthermore, there communication between each other, their control of the railway and their strong, direct intentions all produced a successful win. Lenin also kept structure to the Russian public which portrayed Lenin as an iconic figure. All of these reasons really proved necessary for the Bolsheviks to succeed, allowing their revolution and new style of thinking to carry on improving and ruling Russia. Trotsky was the fundamental reason as to how and why the Bolsheviks won the civil war this is because he was a strong, direct and brutal leader, which is what the Bolsheviks really needed to win. His strategy was simple and direct; defend the red army’s internal lines of communication, deny the whites the opportunity to concentrate large forces in any one location, to prevent the whites from maintaining regular supplies and to keep control of Russia’s railways. Trotsky knew that he had to keep control of Russia’s railways, it gave them a huge advantage, and it transported troops swiftly in large numbers. It would also help them to establish an effective defence around Moscow and Petrograd then exhaust the enemy as an attacking force and drive them back to major fronts until they would scatter and surrender by using their power from the railway and communication to achieve this.Trotsky was an exceptional commander. He recruited nearly five million former Tsarist officers, workers, sailors and soldiers into the red army. He managed to occupy central Russia and the two key cities Moscow and Petrograd; they were eventually surrounded by hostile white forces. The Bolsheviks gave land to the Bolsheviks which made the peasants lean more in favour of the Bolsheviks. What was key within Trotsky’s rule over the army was that he kept everyone unified; the delivered orders quickly and...
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