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Topics: American Civil War, Slavery in the United States, Abraham Lincoln Pages: 3 (951 words) Published: February 9, 2014

Prompt: There were numerous events and crises during the 1850’s that contributed to the advent of the civil war. Choose three and analyze the relative significance of each in contributing to the advent of the Civil War.

During the time period of the mid 1800’s there was a great deal of growing tension between the northern and southern states. Many northerners were abolitionists and were anti slavery, the northerners didn’t want to outlaw slavery completely but wanted to put an end to slavery expansion. The south on the other hand was very against this and wanted for slavery to continue to flourish for the economical gains and trade with other foreign nations. Slavery was a cheap source of labor that allowed for many wealthy southern to mass the cash crop of the time period which was primarily cotton. To go along with this growing tensions their were many policies, decisions, and works that lead to the civil war. The most significant events leading to the civil war were The bleeding of Kansas, the Dred Scott decision and also the publishing of the novel Uncle Toms Cabin.

The bleeding of Kansas in 1854 represented the first violent acts that led into the civil war. The Kansas-Nebraska Act was passed, and it allowed for the territories of Nebraska and Kansas to decide whether to be a free or slave state based on popular sovereignty. The Kansas Nebraska act angered the northerners and was said to be a “curtain-raiser to a terrible drama- was one of the most momentous measures ever to pass congress. By one way of reckoning, it greased the slippery slope to civil war”1. After this act was passed Kansas was called “Bleeding Kansas” because many anti, and pro slavery protesters argued and fought over the future of their state. Douglas’s Kansas-Nebraska scheme contradicted the Missouri compromise of 1820 and this resulted in “Many southerners who had not conceived of Kansas as slave soil rose to the bait. Here was a chance to gain one more slave state. The...
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