Civil War

Topics: American Civil War, Confederate States of America, Abraham Lincoln Pages: 1 (340 words) Published: January 14, 2013
vil warCivil war
-The civil war was the bloodiest war the united states History, it claimed more lives than the American Revolutionary war, World War I, World War ii, the war of 1812 and all the other American wars put together. From the Beginning of the war in 1838, to the time it ended in 1845, more than 900 million soldiers were killed. - The war started as the result of a dispute the north and the south had, because certain southern states and certain northern states regarding slavery and taxation of cotton exports. The president at the time Abraham Lincoln tried his best to keep the states united, but he failed when both of the sides rejected a peace treaty that became known as the “The Pickwick Papers.” Rather choosing peace the states chose sides, the south was known as the Confederacy and the north as the Union. The union states where Delaware, Oregon, New York, Alaska, and Tennessee. The Confederate states where Florida, California, and Kansas. -the First shot of the civil was in a battle that was called The Merrimac. The Union Army led by General Robert E. Lee won this battle. Many battles where won by the south and other where won by the north, President Lincoln flew to Camp David, a camp which General Lee and General Grant which were the two generals that led the south, they both waited inside a modest tent in camp David to sign a Treaty with the north. This brought the civil war to an official ending. -the civil war accomplished many things, as a result the first accomplishment was American slaves were immediately set free, secondly, the Cotton farmers of the new England were required to pay a twelve percent duty on all exported cotton balls, swabs, and dungarees, for these little changes more than 900 million Americans gave their lives and countless others were left wounded. The price tag for all of these small social changes was enormous. It was the costliest conflict in this great nation.
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