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Civil Union in the United States

By deroindkt95 Jun 17, 2012 825 Words
Civil Union's
Throughout the United States today one huge topic for debate is the controversy over same sex marriage. The politicians involved in deciding whether or not to legalize same sex marriages have ultimately came up with an alternative to just that. The alternative is a so called compromise to the arguments for and against "gay marriage." The alternative is a Civil Union. A Civil Union basically gives gays all the same benefits as a married couple without actually being able to get married. The compromise of a civil union for same sex couples is not equal to a ceremonial matrimony between a man and woman.

A Large majority of politicians in congress today believe that civil unions are the answer to the controversial issue of "gay marriage". They need to understand that yes gay's obviously want the same rights as married couples, but not through civil unions, through the actual act of marriage. By not allowing gay couples the right to marriage the lawmakers for this country are certainly discriminating against a big group of Unites States citizens. Under the declaration of independence everyone is entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Liberty and the pursuit of happiness seems to have been forgotten when politicians decided gays were not good enough to get married.

Civil Unions are not equal to marriage because they are by no means the same. "Separate but equal," policies in the U.S. hasn't been accepted since the U.S. Supreme Court case of Brown vs. Board of Education. The issues of gay marriage in many ways are similar to that of racial segregation. During the time when racial segregation was occurring, people of color were not given equal rights or opportunities nor were they accepted into society by whites. History almost seems to be repeating itself when it denies gays the right to be married and recognized under the law. The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court rejected the compromise of civil unions in its second opinions of the justices. Massachusetts is now the only state that recognizes gay marriages.

One of the biggest issues up for debate is the definition of marriage. Many religious advocates argue that marriage is defined as an act of love between a man and a woman. They consider marriage between two people of the same sex to be immoral and inappropriate going against tradition and values. Gay advocates argue back that marriage is a right due to the fact that it is a legal agreement which should not be restricted to only couples of the opposite sex. Religion should never play a role in the law making process. If a certain religion or church does not wish to conduct a marriage for gay couples, then they do not have to, because there will always be another religion and church that will accept them for whom they are and allow for them to marry.

Civil Unions may be a justified alternative for many politicians who are against gay marriage, but this is not an alternative for homosexuals. Civil unions no matter how you look at it is not the same as being able to for fill the ultimate act of binding the love between two people through marriage. Many people continue to argue that gay marriage is against their religion and that the bible states that marriage is between a man and a woman. Those religious rules were set in stone at a time when no one had ever heard or though of homosexuality, not because homosexuals didn't exist but because if they came out they would have been killed. If one considers themselves to be a religious person then indeed they would be accepting of all man kind and know that God teaches us to love everyone just as he does. All people are made unique and different for a reason; no one can help how they were born. Times are changing as well as people. What one person believes can be completely different from what someone else believes and that’s alright, as long as those beliefs can not harm or affect another in any way. If this statement stands true, then why is it that gay marriage is such a controversial topic in the United States today? The United States has a reputation for being the country of freedom and justice for all, as said in the Declaration of Independence. It is hard to believe that homosexuals can not receive the same rights as heterosexuals. If homosexuals in this country were given the right to marry it would be hard to accept for some people, but since it does not harm or affect those whom are against it than eventually all of the hype would blow over and the controversy surrounding "Gay Marriage" would subsequently come to an end. Civil Unions for same sex couples is under no circumstance equal to a ceremonial matrimony between two people of the opposite sex.

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