Civil Rights: The Importance Of Skin Color

Pages: 3 (698 words) / Published: Nov 2nd, 2017
All throughout history people have faced issues with civil rights. Of the most common factors skin color plays a large role in these injustices, but people even suffer discrimination from their own race. This proves to be evident in today's society more than ever before with issues of homosexuality, political debates, wealth. As humans we tend be to for the betterment of ourselves and having civil rights for everyone seems to be constantly in the way. In general people always want their opinion to be the “most correct”, and being wrong is so much of a personal issue that people begin to be evil towards one another. All we need is an easy and possible solution that will be effective for everyone. Civil rights are unnecessary and can easily be done away with, and the benefit of this …show more content…
You would finally be able to say the things that are on your mind, whenever and wherever, and face no legal consequences.
Take away all civil rights given to people is the answer to our problems . By doing this we've created a way for the less fortunate people to fight back when they are being discriminated against. This way you can literally fight for what you have, and as long as you can physically defend yourself you can keep it. Also this would make lawsuits less prevalent because people can no longer be sued for discrimination of race, sex, sexuality, or disabilities. This is possible because now everyone has the “right” of not having civil rights.
For example, lately our country has faced the reoccurring issue of police brutality with more than 964 people killed in this year alone. As one may notice “ …

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