Civil Rights Diary

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Civil Rights Diary: The Assassination of Malcom X
Alicia Hammonds
January 28, 2015
Danny Mullen

Assassination of Malcom X Diary

Feb 21, 1965
I will never forget today. It is unbelievable how much things have changed in only a small matter of time. The grief that consumes me is much like the loss of a family member, although me and Brother Malcom have no ties other than our religious and political standpoints. Still, I can not explain this overwhelming feeling of desperation. I can not help but think that someday this journal maybe of some value, so I suppose I should illustrate the events of today with my firsthand observations.

We gathered today at the Audubon Ballroom to hear Brother Malcom Speak. As I entered to find a good seat I noticed the two officers posted by the entrance. I will always wonder why there were only two officers there when such a high profile speaker was to attend. There were NOI guards present to ensure Malcom’s safety and I remember thinking “at least someone cares”. The program started just as it always does, with prayers and various event confirmations. Brother Benjamin Goodman made a delightful opening speech and then introduced Brother Malcom. Applause erupted as Brother Malcom walked toward the wooden podium. As the applause died down Brother Malcom greeted us all and we all responded, anxious to hear the words of this great man.

As Brother Malcom began to speak again, a commotion broke out between two young men only a few rows ahead of me. ‘Get yo hands out my pocket”, one of the young men exclaimed. A scuffle followed and I heard Brother Malcom say “Be cool, Be Calm and then the sound of gunfire rang through the ballroom. I looked toward the stage to see brother Malcom falling backwards cover in blood. The sound of gunfire and the screams from the spectators all seemed to dissolve around me as I watched the symbol of our hope...

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