civil rights diary

Topics: Riot, Riots, Los Angeles Police Department Pages: 4 (559 words) Published: May 27, 2014

Civil Rights Diary
Joseph Forman
January 22, 2013
Stephen Kmiec

It is the eleventh day of August nineteen sixty five. This evening I heard news of a white officer arresting a boy, his brother, and their mother("Watts Riots", n.d.). My neighbors say that the arrest are unjustified. There are several people in the neighborhood talking about starting a riot. As a store owner in the area I know that if these riots begin I will suffer a substantial loss. People will begin to break into shops and steal everything they can get their hands on. How will I ever survive through this mayhem?This is a very trying time for me considering that all my life’s hard work and time is tied up in my store. It is now the twelfth day of August nineteen sixty five. I have awoken this morning in hopes my store would not have been looted and destroyed. As I am heading down the street to my place of business I begin to get an eerie feeling. I see many buildings on fire and several already burned down to the ground. The closer I begin to get to my shop the less hope I actually have that my store is still standing. There are many people looting stores and shops. I am now a block from my store when I notice it. There are flames two stories high and the smoke is so thick it is hard to take a breath. There it is my beloved store, my life, laying there in the ashes of a once prominent building. I sit on the curb as I watch what is left of my place of business smolder its last flame. It is now the third day of rioting and nothing is seeming to become better. Many people have begun to call the street that my business was on “Charcoal Alley” ("Watts Riots", n.d.). It seems to be a very fitting name considering that all things that were standing now lay on the ground in ruins, burned by the rioters. I hear on the radio a young man speaking. He says that the rioting will not stop and that the rioters are going to invade the white parts of the city...

References: Watts Riots. (n.d.). Retrieved from
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