Civil Rights and Civil Liberties

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Civil Liberties: The Right to Privacy

Civil Liberties 2

Sub Category: Controversy over Abortion

In this assignment I will examine civil liberties, main focus on the abortion

Controversy. In today’s societies, civil rights and civil liberties are not as common

and some are even at risk. Abortion rights are a very special, touchy subject and I

believe there will be never a solution who will satisfy both sites, the supporters and

opponents likewise. This subject is debated around the world and every country

has different laws and regulations, what makes it not easier. There are also different

levels on what grounds an abortion should be granted and where a women should

carry out the baby. In my view, a women should make that choice but also should

have alternatives to have a baby. In certain situation, like I am pro abortion, even

politicians like Richard Mourdock disagree by saying “I think even when life begins in

that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen”.

I doubt God intent such crimes, and since we can not feel and experience what these

women going through we should keep this an personal choice. I will talk about

certain issues further in my assignment.

I reviewed an article in which the ACLU talks about the facts regarding abortion

available on military post to female military personal. It shows that fundamental

right to make health care decisions for themselves are taking away from

the women in uniform, even they are in a country where abortion is legal.

The article furthermore shows some background regarding the abortion regulation

Civil Liberties 3

on military post. “The ban on abortions in military facilities was

first put into place in 1988 with an internal Department of Defense memorandum and

then was signed into law by President Bush the same year. In 1993, President Bill Clinton

reversed the policy by executive order, but Congress intervened two years later to codify

and reinstate the ban. The current ban does not allow women to obtain abortions on

military bases even if they pay with their own money, and only permits it if the

pregnancy was the result of rape or incest or if the woman’s life is at risk. However,

many women are afraid to say they have been raped for fear of reprisal from their unit.”

( Amanda Simon; Facts vs. Fiction on the Military’s Abortion Ban, 06/10/2010)

The article also says that women are not supported since they have to have approved

leave and much more. There is an amendment passed by the Senate Armed Services

Committee who would like to repeal the ban and allow the female service members

to have abortions on a military base, paid by the soldiers themselves.

The question than would be, can every women afford such procedure? The amendment

would also give the health care professionals the choice to refuse to preform an abortion.

This subject of discussion is a very emotional one, and as we can see some pro choice

followers, can turn violent and not even stop at murder. Some people pressure there own

children to have the unborn child because that is what they do believe.

It has become a big issue in the United States, with so many different views and

standpoints. Some citizen says they do respect the rights of individuals but still

want to ban abortion. It seems also that under President Bush, progress made

in women’s rights...

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