Civil Rights

Topics: Discrimination, Martin Luther King, Jr., Black people Pages: 2 (632 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Let’s go back in time. Let’s go on a journey where we can see and feel how things felt when discrimination was involved in our country. Many years ago, a majority of the whites would believe that blacks were nobody in comparison to the whites. Yet today this sort of problem occurs. A large amount of the whites would believe they were on top of every other being depending on their race. Most blacks were treated more like targets than humans. Some blacks were fortunate enough if they were treated with a few respects than the rest. Because of this situation many blacks were separated from the whites and were not eligible to be involved in some events as the whites were.

Case in point, most blacks weren’t capable of attending the same school as the whites. They had lesser opportunities to study and struggled the most that is in economic wise. A reason why the blacks struggled the most in economic wise was because they weren’t as gifted to work in jobs that the whites were. Most blacks were discriminated by their color and were not eligible to work in many jobs. Usually a job that paid well for them was working for someone else.

Like Rosa Parks, she was discriminated for her color and was compelled by the whites to sit in the back of the public bus. The whites believed it was more accurate for them to sit ahead of the blacks, and the blacks to sit behind the whites. Until one day everything changed. A brave, humble woman named Rosa Parks had the courage to confront all the whites and sit ahead of the whites. Although the whites told her plenty of times that she was to sit behind the whites she did not hesitate to remain seated ahead of them. Consequently, she was immediately arrested but because of her dramatic stand all of the black began to follow into her footsteps.

Slavery was another enormous example of discrimination. Slavery was basically the second definition of discriminating those less fortunate individuals. A variety of blacks were also victims of...
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