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Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering is a five-year course designed for students to help them acquire the basic concept of Civil Engineering. The course is tailored to equip the students the proper skills and trainings in preparation to actual practice in the field of construction management, planning the design, aside from the theoretical aspect of the Civil Engineering field of specialization, the program integrated the actual exposure of these students to the actual engineering environment to develop expertise and gain experience. The BSCE program provides technical skills and knowledge in planning, design, construction, supervision, and maintenance of civil engineering works. Examples of civil engineering works include infrastructures for transportation (roads, railroads, bridges, ports, airports), commerce (shopping malls), education (schools, universities), human settlements (large scale housing projects, water supply, sewage disposal), energy development (power stations, power lines) and agriculture (irrigation, farm drainage). Civil engineers collaborate with architects with regards to the design of infrastructures; they also coordinate and supervise construction, working with other engineers and contractors. They make decisions on the best materials and methods, review and approve project drawings, manage budgets, schedule equipment and materials purchases and delivery, and make necessary changes when the situation warrants or when clients change their minds about something. Civil Engineering is one of those branches of knowledge which properly take their places both amongst the sciences and the arts; for a science consists of a collection of general principles or truths relating to any particular subject, while an art are the application of those principles to practice, for the purpose of affecting some particular object. The Science of Civil Engineering, then, informs us of the general principles of mechanics and...
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