Civil Engineering Concept Rough Draft

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Civil Engineering
“The well being of the world largely depends upon the work of the engineer. There is great future and unlimited scope for the profession; new works of all kinds are and will be required in every country, and for a young man of imagination and keenness I cannot conceive a more attractive profession. Imagination is necessary as well as scientific knowledge.”1 is quoted from Sir William Halcrow who is one of the well known civil engineers in the world. As a civil engineering student, I didn’t know why I want to be a civil engineer. I was extremely confused when it came to choosing a career. There were so many fields that interested me that I found it difficult to make up my mind. Then I read about civil engineering, an occupation involving the construction of buildings, roads, and bridges. As I looked further into civil engineering, I began to like many aspects of this career. Civil Engineers play a crucial role in the design, construction, and maintenance of structures. Before beginning construction civil engineers plan layout and every other aspect of a building. As in the article, “Architecture must satisfy its intended uses, must be technically sound, and must convey aesthetic meaning, because architecture is a social art”2. Structural engineers are principally concerned with the structural form of a building, whereas architects are concerned with the integration of the building functions, form, mechanical system, as well as the building itself. It is through their collaboration that complex building can be designed. Designing the overall frame of a building is the first step in constructing a viable and stable structure. According to Attila Lawrence, “In today’s competitive business environment, corporate cultures tend to focus on improving product quality while minimizing costs and managing risks”3. Furthermore, the English author Sir Henry Wotton said: “ Well building have three conditions: Commodities, Firmness, and...

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