Civil Engineer

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Juan Manuel González Jiménez
Ms. Parker

Civil Engineering
Civil engineer is a very important career in our lives. This career is the one that organizes the cities. Civil Engineers are responsible to do constructions such as bridges, roads, streets, drainage, and all the constructions that keep us communicated and living totally comfortable, being a civil engineer brings you a very huge and important responsibility because all the work that you will do is for the society. In the field of civil engineering there are a series of major specialties. One is Structural Engineering in this range the civil engineers are the designers of structures such as, bridges, buildings, parks, rides. These engineers work with concrete, steel and many other materials to do the structure. Another one is Environmental Engineering, inside this specialty the engineers are in charge to provide clean drinking water, clean the sites with hazard materials, and clean, purify or eliminate all the toxic substances. Without doubt this specialty is one of the most important for us without them the world will be a whole mess. The next is Geotechnical Engineering this is required for all the civil engineers, this specialty analyze the rocks and soil before constructing on them, evaluate the settlements that support the structure to have a solid base for the buildings. Other specialty is Water Resources Engineering, construct canals, hydroelectric plants, dams, lakes, etc... Are in charged to protect the community form floods, and supply water for the cities, agriculture and canals. Moreover there is Transportation Engineer Like the name says, they are the one that are in charged to manage the transportation from: air, water and land, His purpose is to control the traffic. In addition Construction Engineering, construct the designs that architecture engineers draw. They convert all the crazy designs to reality, always taking care of the functionality and...
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