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Topics: United States Constitution, Democracy, Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution Pages: 3 (553 words) Published: October 27, 2014
24. What decision did the delegates make about the Articles of Confederation upon their arrival?
25. Why did the delegates keep their discussions at the convention secret?
26. What became the biggest issue of debate during the convention?
27. Name the 2 plans that dominated talks at the convention.
28. How were the differences in the 2 plans negotiated?
29. Briefly describe the main point of the 3/5ths compromise.
30. What group came to support the passage of the new Constitution?
31. Name the group, who opposed the new constitution, because they felt the gov’t had too many powers?
32. What were the Federalist Papers, and who wrote them?
33. What was eventually promised in order to gain the passage of the Constitution?
34. What is the introduction to the Constitution called?
35. How many articles or parts are in the Constitution?
36. Briefly describe the contents of Article I.

37. Briefly describe the contents of Article II.

38. Briefly describe the contents of Article III.

39. Article IV of the Constitution states full faith and credit should be given to the laws of each state by the other states. Why is this important?
40. What is the importance of Article V?

41. This is the name given to the system built into the Constitution where one branch of gov’t watches and helps to control abusive activities of the other branches.
42. What is popular sovereignty, and in what way do we practice it?
43. This is a governmental system that shares powers between a national gov’t and smaller local gov’t.?
44. There are powers that are given directly to the national gov’t by the Constitution?
45. These are powers that are shared by the national gov’t and all other levels of gov’t? These are powers that are given only to the state and local gov’t?
46. What special property of the Constitution has...
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