Civics Essay

Topics: Law, Learning, Civics Pages: 2 (708 words) Published: April 7, 2013
January 10, 2013
Civics Final Essay

Everything we are, everything our country is today is thanks to history. History and civics literally means the past considered as a whole and the study of rights and duties of citizenship. While being a citizen, it is to one’s most high interest to know the civics of their nation. Civics and history walk hand in hand, history representing what has happened in the past, and civics is what we make of it. Civics should be known by every single citizen in this country, because if it’s the government’s job to make rights and laws and uphold our society for us, then wouldn’t it make sense for it to be the citizen’s prerogative to know the law and know their own rights?

Civic Education is not only vital in a student’s education for school; because it teaches kids about their own society and help them learn the law for themselves, but because it makes our nation stronger, smarter, and more civil- even if on a small scale. Civil education is important for all citizens of this country because they represent who the people are, and who they must be. Civil education not only brings prosper and knowledge to the country, but the individual citizens who learn them as well, because they know their rights and know what acts would be unconstitutional towards themselves or to others.

I really enjoyed this class, and I feel as I have not just learned more about my country, other countries, important historic writers and people, and my own rights, but I have also grown as a person because learning about this has opened my eyes to many new things. I have always loved history, so civics would; by such close association, be a sure favorite of mine. Not only is it important, but it is also interesting. I never realized before how deeply women were (and still are) wronged against. In the 1900’s they were treated closely to that of how black people were treated. Looked upon like dirt, and only good for household chores and labors. Though now...
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