Civic Virtue Essay

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                                                                                                             Logan Goodman                                                                                                               Period: 4   


Civic virtue is morality or a standard of righteous behavior in relationship to a citizen's involvement in society. An individual may exhibit civic virtue by voting, volunteering, organizing a book group, or attending a PTA meeting. Civic virtue is important to the U.S.A because, civic virtue helps people understand their ties to the community and their responsibilities within it. I believe if our country lacked civic virtue that there would be so many people in poverty because one person would care about how much money he or she made, not thinking of their employees barely having enough to get by. I also, believe that civic virtue is important to our country because our politicians could take the governments money used for funding firefighters, police, schools, and prisons etc, for their own personal use.

If our political leaders lacked civic virtue (which many do) they would do whats right for the people who elected them and not the common good. They could also pass laws according to what would benefit them, again not benefiting the common good.

I believe that if the citizens lacked civic virtue (which many do) they would vote for what would benefit them and once again not the common good. For example, if a school district wanted to build a new elementary school and buy new books, and equipment, because the old school is unsafe, and or falling apart, and the books are outdated and that school district wanted to pass a bond, because the citizens lacked civic virtue they would vote not to pass the bond because the bond would raise their taxes, and if that bond was passed it would benefit the students getting a better education, therefore benefiting the common good.

I conclude that civic virtue is important for...
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