Citybird Case Study

Topics: City, Air France, Urban area Pages: 3 (549 words) Published: March 26, 2012

After implementing their business in Paris, Citybird founders want to reach another market. They think that being present in other cities of the world would help them increase their profits. They are looking for a city in which their business model would be applicable.

Conditions of success of Paris are an urban population of 12 million people, with intense traffic and transportation infrastructures between suburbs very inefficient. Roma despite its population of 4.1 million people has about the same characteristics as Paris in terms of traffic jams and transportation infrastructures. Also, Roma has a more appropriate climate for motorcycling and the airport is very far from downtown. Moreover, this way of transportation feats with Italian way of life: it is part of Italian background (Vespa, Ducati,…). Consequently, my recommendation to the Citybird founders is that they expand their activity to Roma.

Situation analysis:
Citybird is a growing young company. But although their situation does not show any problem, there are long terms strategic issues that need to be addressed. It is important for such an innovative company to be constantly moving and expanding. Citybird should not satisfy themselves with their success in Paris while there are several cities with great potential that could help them increase their profits. Citybird’s best protection against competition is to be renowned worldwide. Therefore, the logical first step is to implement their business in one big European city such as Roma (intense traffic, capital of a dynamic restructuring country, many executives).

Expected benefits:
* Increased renown
By implementing their innovative business in Roma, Citybird will expand their name throughout Italy and the world, as Roma is an international historical city.

* Many clients
Roma is perfectly adapted to Citybird. Their clients are executives and Roma has a large work...
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