City v. Suburbs

Topics: City, The Suburbs, Village Pages: 3 (1004 words) Published: October 21, 2013
I grew up in the city, to be exact Baltimore MD. The city was where I called home, but after 17 years, my family decided that a small suburb community would be better to spend the rest of their life. They moved to the small suburb community within Glen Burnie, MD. There are many comparisons but even more differences when it comes to the suburbs and a city. The differences that mostly affected my family within both communities were the neighbors, the environment of the community, and the travel methods.

The community and neighborhood was a big part when trying to decide where people want to live. To begin, the resident in community of the suburbs are very quiet, and they are very much to themselves. My parents have lived in their small suburb community for 7 years; they have only really connected with two of the neighbors. Because they neighbors are to very private, they do not interact with others around them. In addition, in the suburbs it is very hard to know who can be trusted. Since the neighbors are always to themselves, it is nearly impossible to get to know them. The neighbors watch from a distance almost as if they are afraid of the outside world. On the other hand, the community of the city is more like a family then it is a mystery. In the city, the community looks out for one another because we all have known each other from the beginning. Because the residents in the city live so close to each other, people have to interact with each other on a daily basis, and it helps everyone become a close nit bunch. Lastly, while the people in the city can be very conniving, they could always be trusted to look out for their own; it always made a safer environment to be a part. In short, I believe the city made for a better community to be a part of because it made for a safer, and family oriented environment. Subsequently, the environment of the two differs in many aspects. To start, the environment of the suburbs are very quiet and slow paced. In the suburbs...
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