City vs Country Living

Topics: City, Los Angeles County, California, High school Pages: 3 (1101 words) Published: March 20, 2014

Small Town King City and Big City Los Angeles, California
February 22, 2014
Dr. Cheryl Hancock

Is the fast paced, on the go lifestyle for you, or do you prefer a relaxed and slower take on life?" Living in a small town, like King City, CA, there are many downfalls or perks that big city dwellers may never understand or appreciate. The same can be said for living in a big city such as Los Angeles, CA. While the similarities are obvious, such as them both have schools, doctors, and family based communities. Many of their differences can be up for debate. Living in a big city, the possibilities are endless, no matter what one is in search of. Rarely are there opportunities to be bored, without anything to do. Living in a small town one finds themselves having to drive a significant distance in order to get somewhere, or one must get creative. While small town King City C.A., and the big city Los Angeles, C.A. have their similarities, they also have a wide range of differences some more obvious than others. Growing up in King City, CA there was never any shortage of sunshine but rather a shortage of outdoor activities. There are only three parks here: the San Lorenzo Park, the City Park, and the Skate Park. The San Lorenzo Park is located on the edge of town and along the Salinas River, with plenty of grass to relax or play on, and a jungle gym. It is a great place to let the kids run around. But being along the river, it attracts many wild animals such as mountain lions and raccoons. The City Park is located in the heart of town and includes the City pools, and little league baseball fields. The skate park is relatively new, built in 2005, with another grass field for youth soccer. All of these parks are located on a three miles radius from one another. Much of the residents would rather drive the hour or more for better, more fun outdoor activities, such as water parks, or going to the beach, with little to no traffic....

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