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City vs. Country

By jgtupaz Feb 05, 2013 566 Words
Big City vs. a Small Town

Just about anyone would take the opportunity to improve their life styles. Every decision a person makes will affect them in one way or another. Not only will it affect them, but their family as well. One of the greatest decisions a person might come across, would be where to settle down and raise their family. How is someone supposed to know where the best place for them would be? A way to determine where a person should live is to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of living in a big city verses a small town. A person would need to know what the effects between the differences are.

One of the first things that might come to mind when determining where to live is population, and how it will affect the social opportunities. Both will have many options; however, what is available in each area is very different. A city invites a large diversity of restaurants, shopping, and night time activities that are great for fun filled evenings. The country life is more of a recreational lifestyle. Hiking, horseback riding, and four wheeling are more ideal for this area. These social opportunities are very appealing, but may vary depending on a person’s interests. For a person who would like to participate in all of these activities, the option is available regardless of where they live, as long as they are willing to drive a couple hours from home.

Whether you are commuting for pleasure or business, everyone must travel in order to get from point “A” to point “B”. Something to take in account would be commute times. Due to location, many people in a city will drive for thirty minutes to an hour one way just so they can get to work. Traffic stops are quite common as well, prolonging the commuting process; however public transportation, such as subways and busses, are available to help commute faster and easier. In most small towns, usually one can drive through the entire town within minutes, making commuting fairly quicker. The time it takes for a person to travel could take time away from family. If a person has children, deciding where to live, will impact them as well. When raising young children, an important factor in their lives is their education. Obviously, regardless of where you choose to live; school is an option that is provided. The quality however, will be different. In a large city, elementary schools have a class averaging thirty-five students. Where in a rural area, there would only be an average of twenty-five students. The amount of students in a class room is important due to the amount of individual attention each student will receive from their teacher. The budget for a city school though, will allow them to purchase more up to date technologies like newer books or computers. A rural area would not have the same budget available to them. It is obvious that there are many factors that can persuade a person to prefer a big city or a small town. After researching the pros and cons of each living situation, a person is able to make their decision based on their personal interests and needs. A person living on their own may prefer a big city, whereas a person raising a family may choose to live on the countryside.

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