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Session Plan 18
Materials Packet
Material List

Name cards with metal binder rings
Pencils or markers (one per child)
Paper or 3x5 cards (one per child)


The Ugly Vegetables by Grace Lin (one per Corps member)

Circle Time

Center Time

1) “Looby Loo”
Song Chart – “Looby Loo”
2) Guess What Word I’m Saying (And The Ugly Vegetables)
The Ugly Vegetables (one per team leader)
3) Lowercase Letter/Uppercase Letter Chant
Uppercase and lowercase letter cards
4) “Windshield Wiper”
Poetry Poster, “Windshield Wiper”
Introduction of Center Time Activities
Small group chart for Let’s Find Out About It
Trays or shoe boxes for presenting available Center Time activities At least one material from each Center Time activity
Let’s Find Out About It: What do Plants Need to Grow?
o The Ugly Vegetables (one per team leader)
o Play and Learn: Growing Things (if possible) or pictures of beach plants, grass, and cacti o Information book (if possible) or photos to show the roots of plants o Sand in clear containers (several)

o Topsoil or potting soil in clear containers (several)
o Labels for sand and topsoil containers.
Writing: Writing Vegetable Names
o Pictures of vegetables that are culturally relevant to children (e.g., printed pictures from the internet, food packaging)
o Vegetable word cards
o Paper and/or blank books
o Markers, crayons, or colored pencils
o The Ugly Vegetables (one copy)
Books: Shadow Puppet Theater and Stick Puppets
o Approximately 48-inch dowel rod with thick diameter
o White sheet or white butcher paper
o Flashlight (preferably lantern-style)
o 2 adult chairs of the same height with straight backs
o Masking tape or safety pins
o Kitten and puppy stick puppets
Session Library: 3-5 of these books or other books that support the unit theme o Friends by Helme Heine
o Raccoon Moon by Nancy Carol Willis
o Birds, Nests, and Eggs by Mel Boring
o Frogs, Toads, and Turtles by Diane L. Burns
o Transparent and Opaque by Angela Royston
o The Usborne Book of Puppets
o At least one of the following two: Wild Colors by Gavreil Jecan (Photographer) OR Beautiful Moments in the Wild: Animals and Their Colors by Stephanie Maze o At least one of the following two: Shadows by April Pulley Sayre OR Guess Whose Shadow?

Last updated on 03.11.14

By Stephen R. Swinburne
o Clap Your Hands by Lorinda Bryan Cauley
Puzzles and Manipulatives: Vegetable Memory
o Vegetable memory cards (two sets)
Dramatic Play: Making Vegetable Soup
Basic house-play materials including: Soup cans (empty with labels still on), empty boxes of dried soup, pots, bowls, and ladles
Cans of vegetable soup, container for pouring soup into (if program partner allows) Soup recipe card, real vegetables, preparation utensils (if program partner allows) Science: What’s in a Seed? Planting Bean Seeds

Lima or kidney beans (at least 1 per child that has been soaked for dissecting) Lima or kidney beans (at least 4 per child for growing)
Paper towels (at least 2 per child)
Plastic knives (one per child, plus one for CM demonstration) Small paper plates (one per child, plus one for CM demonstration) Empty plastic 1-liter bottles or Ziploc bags (one per child) Spray bottles with water (several)

Plastic container with lid
Magnifying glasses
Tag board
Rubber bands or tape

Last updated on 03.11.14

Session Plan 18
Materials Preparation
Gather name cards, pencils or markers, and paper or 3x5 cards.

Prepare core storybook The Ugly Vegetables according to the appropriate read strategy.

Circle Time
1) “Looby Loo”: Gather song chart and practice with Corps members. • See Session Plan 14 Materials Packet for lyrics
2) Guess What Word I’m Saying (And The Ugly Vegetables): Gather materials; Practice saying the vocabulary words as they are outlined in Session Plan 18.
3) Lowercase Letter/Uppercase Letter Chant: Gather materials;...
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