City of San Jose

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The city sequence of San Jose

In this century ,
San Jose is best known as a mecca for high-tech companies (San Jose) .From 1777, when it was established as California’s first Spanish pueblo, to the time when it was California’s first Capital, to the present when it is experiencing the most rapid growth of any California communities. This place contains the most ancient Pueblo in the sate ,the landscape of this place pertaining to its history until todays. (Hall preface)

The natural environment of San Jose having a natural basin-like area of the valley which has a fine-textured soil that is poorly drained because of the underlay of clay hard pan. Alluvial deposits of eroded material from the bordering mountains was washed down, stream beds and carried it to new locations. Interestingly, there is very little regularity in the pattern of soil types throughout the valley. In as much as the stream channels have continuously shifted their location.

Geographically, San Jose is located at the east bank of Guadalupe River . Only a mile and a quarter north from the city’s center. It was choose as the first civil settlement in California in year 1777. ( Master Plan of the City of San Jose, California 3). In furtherance , rich fine-textured soils of the highest agricultural value occupy the flood plains immediately adjacent to stream channels throughout the valley. ( Master Plan of the City of San Jose, California 27).These well-drained soils are suited to a wide variety or crops. This fulfill the condition for San Jose becoming a farming community.

The unique landscape of San Jose not only transformed it into farming society , it has brought the first mountaintop observatory to San Jose.(Lick History) The eye discerns a white spec – The dome of the famous Lick Observatory is being build on 4200-foot summit of Mount Hamilton which is east of San Jose in year of 1888.(Lick Observatory) “A fine wagon road leads up Mount Hamilton ,revealing beautiful vistas at...
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