City of Glass Response

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I really liked being able to read a novel with a picture that went along with almost every sentence. City of Glass is a very unique novel and I think that by turning it into a comic book, makes it a lot easier to read. I originally read the normal City of Glass and by reading that along with the comic book, I had a better understanding for the story.

I personally was not a fan of the novel but was very interested in Peter Stillman’s character… both of the Peters. I do not understand how a father could lock their son in an attic for nine years just because they are doing some sort of experiment or trying to learn a new ‘language’. The younger Peter’s character actually frightens me a bit. The way he speaks is very spooky, repeating a lot of things at the end of sentences and making weird remarks, but I imagine it is usually a lot worse after being locked up for so long; Peter was sort of Lucky.

I do not see Peter’s wife as a vixen, as we discussed in class. I really do not think she was in it for the money. I feel that she honestly cared for Peter and wanted to be there for him since he had no one else. If she was in it for the money I feel that she would not care as much for Peter as she had shown throughout the novel.

I am confused as to who really is the narrator through this novel or if it changes throughout. It was also sort of hard to follow because Quinn had multiple personalities which all had different names, and in the comic book they also had different appearances. I know people have different personalities in different settings, but I feel that Quinn took that to the extreme and actually became that other personality with the different name. Although there were pictures to go along with the words it was a very confusing story to follow. It is neat though, how the author included himself in the novel and how the comic of him looks exactly like him. I wish I knew what happened to Quinn in the end of the novel.

This novel is supposed to be a...
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