City of Bones

Topics: Father, Mother / Pages: 6 (1460 words) / Published: Mar 5th, 2013
Fifteen-year-old Clarissa "Clary" Fray is at a nightclub with best friend Simon Lewis when she witnesses a murder by a group of teens at the club she is at, surprised that Simon and the club's security guard cannot see the killer, a teenage boy called Jace. Jace claims that the boy he murdered was a demon and they return to their home dimension when they die before Clary leaves with Simon, confused by how she can see them yet no one else could. The next day, while at a coffee shop with Simon, Clary sees Jace yet again, once again invisible to everyone but her. After Clary hesitantly goes outside with him, he offers to introduce her to his "tutor." Before she can respond, she receives a distressing phone call from her mother, who frantically demands her not to come home, obviously to avoid some type of danger. Clary ignores her mother's warnings and rushes home anyway. Upon her arrival, she finds her mother missing, the apartment trashed, and a monstrous creature (later revealed to being a Ravener demon) waiting. She defeats the creature by shoving a device of Jace’s, called a Sensor, down its throat, but is injured in the process. Jace, who is a demon fighter known as a Shadowhunter, finds her and takes her to his home, called "The Institute." The Institute is an old Gothic cathedral that humans, known by the term "mundanes" or "mundies" in the Shadowhunter world, can't see, because it is shaded from human eyes with magic called glamour. Here, she recuperates; sleeping for three days. After she wakes up, she meets Hodge Starkweather[disambiguation needed], Jace's tutor, as well as his adoptive siblings Isabelle Lightwood and Alec Lightwood.
Hodge then acquires the help of a monk with magical powers, called a "Silent Brother," Jeremiah, to discover how Clary is able to see Shadowhunters despite being a mundane, and why she and her mother were attacked. Jeremiah discovers a block on Clary's mind, keeping her memories sealed, and takes her and Jace to the City of

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