City Improvements

Topics: Health, City, Sport Pages: 1 (325 words) Published: June 21, 2013
Itu is an old and historic city in the state of São Paulo, and now has a population of 157,384. Itu is a wonderful city to live in, however it has a few problems to be fixed. With that being said, in the last few months, with the initiative of our local Youth Community Organization, I have been organizing several meetings with young residents of nearby neighborhoods to establish the main problems the area has and also to discuss their ideas about the possible improvements in sports, leisure and other facilities in the area. In conclusion of those meetings, Itu is far from what the residents wanted it to be. The public sport courts are in a bad condition. Improvements are necessary for the creation and support of sports halls and sports related health care so there’s something fun for everyone to enjoy. The city needs new sporting equipment (balls, hula-hoops and jump ropes). Not only the area is lacking a physical related program but also a leisure center. The building that these activities would be taken place is now in need of refurbishment and it’s roof needs to be repaired. The young residents of Itu are also complaining about their cinema. Because it is a small town and there isn’t many things to do, so one of their ideas was to build a movie theater closer to the city center. This is a safe and healthy way for kids and teenagers to have fun. In my view, all of the proposals are within the town’s needs, but the main concern is the total cost of the improvements. The best way to get this money is by raising it with. After the money is in hand, I recommend that the proposals be sorted in stages. First it would be built the health related facilities, than the sport halls and last but not least the cinema. Making Itu a better place to live.
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