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City and Country Life

By jongil2727 Jan 28, 2014 584 Words
If you have two choices, which one will you choose: city life or country life? Some people think that living in a city is more advantageous than living in a country. However, others insist upon the idea that living in a country is unquestionably fascinating. This essay will compare and contrast the city life and the country life with their similar and different facilities in terms of environment, employment and facilities. To begin with, there is the city life and country life to be similar. People want to live in near amenities such as shopping center, hospital, post office and transport. However, I can say that environment in cities are much more developed. Townies have good transportation facilities with many buses, trains, cabs or subways. However, they are always blocked into traffic jam unlike in towns where there are less people. In cities, they can go and watch a play performed in a theater or a film in the cinema, they can watch operas or musicals, they can go night clubs or pubs with your friends to have a cheat and drink beer. However, in towns, you cannot do these. But it does not mean that you cannot have fun. You can go festivals, bonfires. You can watch the stars on the sky at nights. You can have long and peaceful walks among the trees. Some can dismiss these as they are boring, but the only thing that can be said is it is up to you. Therefore, if people want to live in city they are more convenient than country but, country can live a relaxed life. From here, I can pass my second topic which is about employment. In cities, employment system is same as countries system. People give resume to employment and they choose employee. However, townies can find a job easier than countries people because the cities have more diverse profession. Also in cities, they have various job opportunities through which you can earn billions. However, in towns, there are no job opportunities like that. However, again you do not need much money to live by because country prices are cheaper than city prices. In conclusion, city people have chance to get much money but, they need more money than country people. Lastly, we can compare and contrast city and country life in terms of facilities. Two places equipped with all amenities. They can use hospital, shopping center and theater, but in cities, they have too many doctors and hospitals to look after you when they are ill. These hospitals help them to recover quickly with doctors latest technological devices. On the other hand, in countries they generally do not have these, but they are healthy although not always. There is no air population, sea population, noise population. In addition, city has many places to buy clothes, books, CDs etc. On the other hand, in country, it is hard to find the book they want to read, or the film they want to watch. They do not have luxurious shops to buy different clothes, but actually it is not a problem for them because they are not obsessive about their appearance like those in cities. In conclusion, neither city living nor country living is the best. Both are different from or similar to each other in terms of living conditions, to get jobs and amenity. You can prefer one according to your thoughts and hobbies. The best choice for you is the place you can love and adapt yourself easily.

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