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The issue that we have been researching and investigating in class is alcohol education in school, so that we can campaign and raise some kind of awareness for alcohol education as a regular lesson in all schools throughout Britain. The reason for this is because we feel and have noticed that young adults in their teen years are drinking regularly on a daily basis and a part of that main reason might actually be the fact that we don't have any real education to teach us about the dangerous effects of alcohol and this leaves them vulnerable when drinking. Robert Pfeifer, founder of the rehab centre Sober College, said,” I’ve seen an increase in risky behaviour in young adults over the last year, I think that alcohol education programs should be introduced ”.

Alcohol abuse is becoming an increasing important topic among teenage school students. Although we try to teach students to not to EVER start drinking and that it's illegal to for a minor to consume alcohol, the reality is that they will be likely to try it before they finish secondary school college. “‘Let’s pay attention”,said Dr. Curry, who is the dean of the College of Public Health at the University of Iowa. “ You may want to take a look at how you are drinking. If it escalates, you’re at risk, but you can change that now. ” I know what most young adults drink for social reasons or because they want to ‘impress’ some people they may know, but they don’t know any of the negative effects that can happen afterwards. Drinking today is much more open than it has been years ago. It’s only because of the numerous equipments that have access to the media and advertisements. Whilst researching the current law regarding alcohol I found out that the teen must be 18 or up before he or she can buy or drink alcohol beverages. Lastly, it is against the law for your teenager/es to possess alcohol on any street, highway, or public place, carry alcohol in a car, or be a passenger in carrying alcohol unless...
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