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Topics: Citizen Kane, William Randolph Hearst, Orson Welles Pages: 3 (1061 words) Published: February 26, 2013
The American film Citizen Kane was released on May 1, 1941 and is about Charles Forster Kane. The owner and publisher of the New York Inquirer and famous tycoon. Kane is played by Orson Welles who also produced, and directed the movie. Citizen Kane is considered by many the best film of all time. The Gatsby-like theme of of an ordinary man's rise and fall shows how money can corrupt their ability to deal with other people, particularly the women in their lives. In The Great Gatsby, Gatsby is murdered in his palace and in Citizen Kane, Kane dies alone in his magnificent Xanadu. Welles' movie is likeable due to its cautionary portrayal of the 20th century American Dream, although the way Welles tells the story is a tad confusing.

Charles Foster Kane is based on William Randolph Hearst, the newspaper mogul. Both came from wealthy families and had been rich their whole lives, both were involved in a love triangle which ended their chance of a political career, both were publishers of popular newspapers which were full of yellow journalism, both tried to buy success for their wives, both had an extravagant mansion built for themselves, and both died lonely men. In fact the lives Kane and Hearst were so similar that Hearst tried to prevent the movie from being released. Although Hearst was unsuccessful from preventing the movie's release he was able to get theaters to limit bookings of Citizen Kane. He most likely was trying to prevent the movie's release because of its portrayal of his love triangle incident. Hearst was married to Millicent Veronica Willson, a chorus girl but then he became involved in an affair with Marion Davies, a popular comedienne and film actress. As a result of this affair not only did Millicent separate from Hearst but Hearst's political hopes also came to an end.

A recurring theme in the twentieth century is that money cannot buy you happiness. Citizen Kane and The Great Gatsby suggest that too much money might even make...
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