Citizen Card System

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A Perspective Approach on Citizen Card System - Applicability And Opportunity

Vijeyta Devi & Swapna Priya Dept.of Computer Science & Engineering Pydha College of Engineering & Technology, Visakhapatnam, A.P,India   Abstract - Citizen Card System in which every citizen of a country will have a unique 16 digit number Citizen Card System which would not just help the government track down individuals, but would make life far easier for citizens as they would not have to submit multiple documents each time they want to avail a new service—public private, government., regulatory authority or lawenforcement agency. This system will contain details like the name, sex, address, marital status, photo, identification mark and face biometrics. The Citizen Card is fundamentally prepared to identify citizens so that better security can be provided by identifying illegal immigrants and terrorists. The role the system envisions is to issue a Citizen Card System that can be verified and authenticated in an online, cost-effective manner, and that is robust enough to eliminate duplicate and fake identities. Index Terms — Citizen Card System, Face Recognition System, Role based Access Control, SCOSTA, SQL, DRP, ETDC, STQC, RBAC. 

I. INTRODUCTION The purpose of a Citizen Card System that it avails a Unique Identity Number to the citizen of a country giving them the advantage of not submitting multiple documents to avail the services residents would no longer need to go to various government departments and prove their identity each time. This scheme is designed to leverage intensive usage of the Citizen Card System for multipurpose to provide an efficient and convenient mechanism to update information. Photographs and biometric data are added to make the identification and authentication foolproof. The unique ID will require creation of a database that links an individual to unique identifier formed, based on a format code that remains constant over his life-span, like parentage, date and place of birth and automatically gets activated just like a voter ID card. The Citizen Card System database is built by collecting data, storing and linking the existing Identity databases (voter ID, passports, ration cards, licenses, fishing permits, border area ID cards) into one centralized database from which the information can be accessed. The Citizen Card System Authority will be responsible for creating and maintaining the core database and to lay down all necessary procedures for issuance and usage of Citizen Card System including arrangements for collection, validation and authentication of information, proper security of data, rules for sharing and access to information, safeguards to ensure adequate protection of privacy. Data association at present with Citizen Card System, are the following 13 parameters. a. b c. d. e. f. g. h. i. j. k. l. Name Citizen Card System Number of the holder Photograph Right hand forefinger print Name of the Father Name of the Mother Citizen Card System of the Father Citizen Card System of Mother Date of Birth Sex Place of Birth Blood Group

m. Address at time of creation It is necessary to consider if all of them need to be considered as a primary ID parameters or can be classified further as "Primary" and "Secondary". The

International Journal of Computer Science and Informatics ISSN (PRINT): 2231 –5292, Vol-1, Iss-4, 2012


A Perspective Approach on Citizen Card System - Applicability And Opportunity

Citizen Card System will be a Root ID for downstream services available to the Citizen so that there is a need to recognize one single "Root Citizen Card System Parameter" so that in the event of any dispute, Citizen Card System would be owned by the person in undisputable control of the "Root ID Parameter". The reason of segregating the ID data into "Primary" and "Secondary" is that some of the ID parameters can be kept out of the Primary data base and can...

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Citizen Card System will be beneficiary to the citizens as it is a unique number which contains basic information of every person. After the ID will be issued there is no need to carry driving license, voter cards, pan card, etc for any govt. or private work. For example, for opening a new account one has to show his/her Unique ID only. But to some extent it is harmful to the general public as all the data related to them is stored on computers and can be misused by hackers if the multiple security strategies will not be adopted. The Citizen Card System authority in specific should make sure that we have the highest standards of integrity, openness, transparency and process in all stages of Citizen Card System. Implementing and maintaining the Citizen Card System will generate high costs along with risks to safety, security, privacy, freedom, and liberty. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Thanks to my Guide who has contributed towards development of Citizen Card System Research Paper on Citizen Card System
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International Conference on Electronics and Communication Engineering (ICECE)-2012, VIZAG, ISBN-978-93-81693-87-2
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